March 23rd Line Of The Day…

“This place is magical.”

-Cute Aussie in the Spero Clinic waiting room

Day One at the Spero Clinic was looong! And amazing. Amazing to be surrounded by people and their partners who GET IT! Really get what its like to live with severe chronic pain, to search and search and search for answers and relief. To see doctor after doctor who just shrug their shoulders or accuse you of drug-seeking. To suffer through multiple surgeries and medications and gadgets and everything else we could find. These folks truly understand and it was magical to spend the day with them.

Ken’s scans are off the charts abnormal and they believe Ken has a condition called CRPS – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Its all about how the brain and nervous system get totally out of whack…excuse my layperson’s understanding, I’ll become an expert in this soon I’m sure.The good news is they have an 84% success rate in significantly reducing or completely eliminating the pain from CRPS. WooHoo! We are exhausted but inspired and hopeful.

Thanks for all your support. It means more than you know.

Love, Kristin

One response to “March 23rd Line Of The Day…”

  1. I am so happy that you are with people who understand the problem and don’t just brush it off. I am praying along with every one of Ken’s fans and friends.
    Love you guys


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