March 28th

Line Of The Day…at the dinner table for the first time with her new in-laws. Discussing their double amputee uncle, she says, “well the good news is that they’ll get 50% off his cremation when he dies.” Pregnant pause. “What? Too soon?”

-Dr. K, Spero Clinic

Day 3 at the Spero Clinic here in Fayetteville, AR.:

After a long-ass 3 day weekend recovering from Ken’s first 2 days in treatment, we had a whirlwind day of treatments. We also met the owner of the Clinic, Dr. Katinka van der Merwe who is smart, funny and compassionate, and has 2 German Shepherds of her own…which is maybe more important to Ken than anything!

Today’s treatments: A mind/body chiropractic adjustment, Vagus nerve stimulation, Lymphatic detox, Magnetosphere, Microcurrent treatment, Neuromuscular Re-education, Cold laser therapy. Ken is holding up well…but can someone please tell him to drink his water please?! He’s supposed to drink 64 ounces of water a day at minimum to get rid of all the toxins being pushed out of his body by the treatments.

Our spirits are good and it continues to be energizing and inspiring being around all this positive healing going on! His pain is still bad but to be expected with all that is being done to his body. Interestingly, he is feeling some of the pain in his missing ankle and foot. He never really had phantom pain before this, so its encouraging that at least we know something’s happening!

Have a beautiful evening. Go Huskies!!

Love, Kristin

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