March 29th Line Of The Day…

…to the Ionic Foot Detox therapist…”Do I get a 50% discount here for the one foot?”

-Ken Green

So we tried out our new gadget this morning before going to the clinic. A Cold Laser that we were encouraged to sell a kidney to buy yesterday, to address the scar tissue and lingering open areas around the rod lodged in Ken’s tibia. After his Vagus Nerve Adjustment, Ken was brought to the area where they do Ionic Foot Detoxes. Whoa, his leg was bleeding down to the floor from around the rod in his leg! Being one of the chill staff here who has seen it all, laser therapist Cam explained that the laser increases blood flow to the area treated and that this is a GOOD THING. So even though his sneaker looks like a prop from an episode of CSI, we count this as “a win”. It’s everyone’s goal here to rack up “the wins”.

We love the people here, and they love Ken because he makes everyone laugh as you can only imagine if you know him. Day 4 is in the can!

Love, Kristin

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